Maffra's location


MAFFRA, Victoria 3860, Australia

   Maffra is an attractive and friendly rural town in the Wellington Shire 220 km east of Melbourne, with a population of some 4,500 people.
   Situated on the Macalister River and within an hourís drive of both the mountains and Lake Glenmaggie to the north and the sea to the south, Maffra is ideally situated for anyone considering moving to the country to live.

It is the service centre for the rich Macalister dairying, agricultural, pastoral and irrigation district:

  • the Murray Goulburn Milk Factory processes millions of litres of milk weekly and makes a major contribution to Australiaís dairy export earnings
  • Southern Rural Water, with headquarters at Maffra, operates irrigation districts at Bacchus Marsh, Maffra and Werribee; manages seven major dams; licenses groundwater users and river diverters across southern Victoria; 8,000 customers across the state are serviced by 100 staff
  • the Maffra Herd Improvement Co-operative is farmer owned and controlled; it assists in the genetic improvement of herds and the management of farms
  • Maffra Veterinary Centre has teaching links with Melbourne University's Department of Veterinary Science
  • the Macalister Research Farm Co-operative is a community owned demonstration farm specialising in pasture evaluation trials
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment offices co-ordinate activities from Traralgon to Bairnsdale in agricultural resources, conservation, land management, rural financial counselling, Landcare and M.R.F. research
Maffra offers a healthy lifestyle combined with modern amenities:
  • a modern business centre and industrial estate
  • pre-school, primary and secondary education in town, with a range of tertiary facilities up to no more than an hour's drive away
  • a wide range of cultural, religious and sporting activities
  • affordable housing in attractive tree lined settings
  • excellent health care including medical clinics, a district hospital, an aged hostel, dental and pharmaceutical facilities

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