Research Facilities

What we have and where it is:
     The Society has an archival collection comprising photographs, documents and three-dimensional objects which are housed in one of two locations, viz. the Maffra Sugar Beet Museum and the Maffra Public Library (secure section).  While much of this material is now catalogued, the catalogue itself is not yet on-line.

Recommended first step:
     Society members will, if required, undertake an initial search on your behalf.  Our basic fee is $15, which gives you an hour's look-up time.  This look-up will include an extensive search of our catalogues and indexes to determine whether or not we have material relevant to your request/s, a reasonable amount of copying (if required) and a report back to you indicating what's available and where.  You can then decide whether you need to go further or not.  Payment for this service may be made by direct deposit into the Society's bank account: BSB 633 000  a/c 126114107 (don't forget to send an email too - see below)

What happens then:
     Public access is variously available at the Museum and Library; visitors are welcome should you wish to research personally.  A working and research group meets at the Public Library on Thursday afternoons between 1.00pm and 3.00pm and may be consulted there (or contacted on 0418 573 828).
     However, as other access times and availability of volunteers vary at each location, we suggest that to get the most out of your visit you contact the Society several weeks prior to your intended arrival. 

     If you are unable to get to Maffra, subsequent detailed research can be carried out on your behalf.  Costs will be subject to negotiation.

Contact us for any research enquiries

Maffra & District Historical Society Bulletin 1973 onwards

     The Society published 120 editions of the Bulletin up to 2004 and, following a short hiatus, has been publishing additional editions up to the present; the content is vast and varied.  All editions have been copied to electronic format and are available.  Both an Index of Names and an Index of Topics and Places are on-line. The Society does not object to copies being made of these Indexes for personal, non-profit purposes; be warned though that a hard copy will occupy 20+ pages in each case.

Purchasing Bulletins
  • Electronic copies of all Bulletins are available from the Society at $2 each, plus a set fee of $3.00 for postage, packing and disk (regardless of how many actual Bulletins you order at the one time)
  • Each Bulletin will be supplied as a .pdf file ; you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar
  • If there is more than one reference within a particular Bulletin, you are only required to obtain that Bulletin once
  • If you wish to purchase, please click above right; note that payment is required before delivery; see order form for details

Help required with photographs

     MDHS has been given copies of photos taken from a set of C19th albums containing images of inhabitants of Briagolong, Maffra, Stratford, and Dargo.  About 70% have been identified; we have posted the remainder in the hope that visitors to this page might assist us. 
     Names of families possibly represented are: Allison, Beecher, Beeker, Blair, Blake, Butters, Brien, Browne, Brun, Butters, Butters, Cahill, Carey, Connelly, Corr, Dargan, Dingwall, Dugan, Duthie, Fieldaw, Fitzgibbon, Forbes, Hardy, Hazlett, Hosking, Hosking, Irwin, Jones, Kelly, King, Kinley, Knipe, Lee, Liddelow, Lotton, Luke, McInerney, McKenrie, McSween, Meek, Mitchell, Morrow, O’Connor, Paton, Pollock, Reeves, Rogers, Scott, Sheer, Smyth, Stothers, Swan, Taylor, Traille, Tulloch, Warren, Warriner, Wier, Wigg
     If you are interested, please click here

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