Pingvin Booksellers,
Antiques, Collectables and Ephemera



   Pingvin Booksellers opened first as a craft shop in 1979 but gradually the book shop took over in the prettiest small town in Gippsland - Maffra.
   We, Pat and Julie, love books and antiques so we have moved to larger premises to try to fit everything in.
   We sell antiques and collectables on consignment and some wonderful pieces have come in. Well worth a look if this is your thing.
   A great number of our books are listed on our bookseller's web site (see link below). However, please feel free to phone or email if you cannot find the book you want because we never have time to list all 70,000 of them.

   We are open Monday to Friday 10.04am to 3.48pm and Saturday morning 10.04am to 11.48am.


Pat Webster & Julie Landon

172 Johnson Street

172 Johnson Street
Vic.  3860

03 5147 2135


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