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McMillan Rockhounds Inc
Maffra - Victoria


   McMillan Rockhounds Inc was formed in 1966 by a group of local Gippsland people with a common interest in collecting stones, rocks and minerals from around the Maffra district.  These days members collect from all over Australia.
  Within a couple of hours' drive from Maffra it is possible to collect thunder eggs, quartz crystals, agates, jasper, ryolite, marble, petrified wood, opalised wood, gold and fossils.
  Our members are interested in all aspects of rockhounding, such as faceting, jewellery making, tumbling, slabbing, polishing, mineral collecting (including micromounts), gold panning, metal detecting and fossil collecting.
 We conduct field trips and run classes for for club members and the general public.
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