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As a volunteer organisation we are able to keep construction and hosting costs down. All our profits are used to support the activities of the Society, such as maintaining the town's archives, managing the Sugar Beet Museum and promoting heritage matters in the district.

How do I obtain a web presence?

There are two parts to the process of getting a presence on to the web:

a) Designing and creating your presence
     This may consist of just one page or several pages in a folder, with links between them.  If you have the skills and equipment you can design your own pages; otherwise you can commission someone to make the pages for you.  Costs vary enormously depending on how large and/or complex you wish your presence to be.

b) Finding someone to host your presence
     This may be via your internet provider on your own site with your own specific name, or via a second party on a site which you share with others.  Having your own site will generally be dearer; by joining others you keep your costs down and gain other benefits as well (see below).


The site covers all aspects of the community: business, tourism, heritage, non-profit organisations, news.  In this way anyone appearing on the site has the advantage of cross-referencing to other aspects of the Maffra community.  The full range of our community coverage can be seen from the items in the Quick Finder on the Home page.

We charge a flat $20 per hour for construction and $80 per annum for hosting a folder on our site (maximum 5 pages; no photo limit; discount for first year if posted after December), or $20 per annum for an Electronic Business Card. A typical site with about 4 pages and not too much photo adjustment would cost roughly $120 to create.

For examples of our work, have a look at:

 Maffra Township Today this is our simplest page;
 Duart Homestead this is a typical commercial client with 4 pages in a folder
 Heritage our most extensive set of pages in a folder
Pingvin books an Electronic Business Card, which is in a standard format and, although limited in size, is useful for clients who just want to put up basic information and contacts, or who wish to have a link to an existing web site of their own

There are a number of advantages, other than price, in being hosted on

a)  You get your own distinctive address within the total site - it would read something like ""

b)  All our commercial clients receive a free link to our on-line list of Maffra businesses

c)  As our site has been on-line for nearly 10 years now, we find that the major search engines find us easily; many put us as number one. You are thus able to gain the benefit of this because you are actually part of the whole site.

d)  Being part of a whole also means that visitors to the site may find your particular page/s by happy accident.

e)  Maintenance of the site is done locally; we are not a large anonymous company which no longer cares for you once you've bought a page. You can have changes made to your page/s quickly simply by sending an email; charges range from nil if the change is minimal (like altering a phone number) to $20 per hour, pro rata, for bigger alterations.

The usual method of procedure is:

a) you decide what content you wish to appear (having a look at other sites gives you an idea of what others do) - what kind of heading/title? what kind and how many pictures? how much text? what kind of contacts? and so on.

b) if you have an idea of what you would like the page/s to look like, make a rough sketch or suggest an existing page which might be copied

c) you supply us with the proposed content + ideas + photos + other illustrations (on disk would be great as it saves your time, but we can copy from other sources if necessary)

d) we'll create a draft idea which will be posted on the internet at a location that only we will know about; then we email you the look-up address

e) we discuss the draft as it appears on-screen

f) changes are made as required

g) once you're satisfied, your site is integrated into the Maffra site, appropriate internal links are made and you officially go on-line


If you would like further information please drop us an email:

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